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Wooden Surfboard Shaping

At this stage, the hollow wooden blank is handed over to our experienced shapers and passionate surfers: Jimmy and Milton. With precision, they convert the rough square blank into a smooth and round shaped performance surfboard.

Before the «outline» can be marked, the surface of the board has to be planed flat. Only then can the «outline» be cut and the rails be planed and sanded into the perfect shape. The fine tuning is done by Jimmy and Milton with an emery board.

After the shaping process is complete, our Kun_tiqi logo is flame branded into the bright balsa wood.

Jimmy started surfing and shaping balsa wood surfboards when he was 14 years old, 25 years ago. He spent all his afternoons helping out a local balsa wood surfboard shaper to learn the artisan craft of making wooden surfboards. Milton followed in his brother´s footsteps a few years later. Since then, they have developed their skills to become some of South America’s best shapers.