Create: Build your own organic wooden surfboard

What? A 7-day hollow wooden surfboard building course

Where? Our workshop in Loredo // Cantabria // Spain

Who? Up to max. 2 surfers who want to build and ride their very own hollow wooden surfboard

When? – 28.09.- 05.10.2024: 1 spots available

               – 12.10.- 19.10.2024: 2 spots available

Price? Varies depending on model  and customisations you choose. Get in touch for more details.

There are three things every surfer must experience in their life. 

One is getting tubed. The second is surfing perfect waves with friends. The third is shaping (and riding) your very own handcrafted wooden surfboard.

Taking place over 7 days, this surfboard-building class is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We provide guidance from start to finish, but it’s your very own hands that bring the board to life. This creates a special bond between you and your new surfboard. It’s also a way to reconnect with the golden era of surfing when everyone built and surfed their own shapes.

If you’re eager to design, craft, and ride a surfboard that you’ve personally created, this is your opportunity. The feeling of pride when it’s completed is indescribable, but so is the feeling of catching your first wave. And because these boards are made from paulownia wood, they excel in a variety of conditions and be suitable for surfers of all skill levels, which means you’ll be building a board that actually performs!

Contact us today by our contact form for additional information about our wooden surfboard shaping workshops – spots are limited.

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