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Balsa Wood Surfboards by Kun_tiqi

Kun_tiqi´s eco friendly Balsa Wood Surfboards are handcrafted in a labour intensive way by passionate shapers.

With more than 25 years of experience in building wooden surfboards, our shapers give every board the perfect form.

By using approved techniques and innovative material combinations, our balsa wood surfboards have optimal flexibility as well as outstanding durability. Furthermore, most of the imported materials used for the construction of the Kun_tiqi balsa wood surfboards are renewable.

Due to this, by choosing a board from Kun_tiqi, the surfing community can make their own contribution to preserve our planet.

It is not just the great durability and appearance of our Balsa wood surfboards that convinces surfers, but the fluid and lively performance of our boards in the surf. Taken care of, a board from Kun_tiqi will last a lifetime.