Kun_tiqi Wooden Surfboards

Fibreglass-free wooden surfboards that perform


Ready to join the fibreglass-free surfboard revolution?

Surfing and nature are intrinsically linked.

From the waves to the water and the sand, we’re immersed in the environment like no other pursuit, so doesn’t it make sense that our boards are eco-friendly too?

Introducing the next generation of paulownia wooden surfboards.

Influenced by nature, driven by technology and built with passion, our handcrafted boards strike the perfect balance between performance, durability and sustainability.

They never lose that new board feel and they go in all conditions. And because our minimal-waste approach involves using strictly all-natural materials with zero fibreglass, they’re easier on the ecosystems we love so much.

From the thoughtful details to the hollow-core design and our 15+ years of experience, the story of Kun_tiqi is in every board. Discover for yourself how we’re shaping a more eco-friendly future and become part of the fibreglass-free revolution.

Learn more about our nature-connected wooden surfboards today.



We’ve been shaping organic timber surfboards that perform for over 15 years by constant testing and adaptation together with our team riders. In that time, we’ve made everything from longboards to shortboards and alternative retro shapes. Fast, functional and incredibly fun, it’s now easier than ever to find a board to suit your style. Here are our most popular models.


Nature is the inspiration for everything we do, and our boards are handcrafted over 35 hours using quality composite materials, sustainable shaping methods and minimal waste.

The best part though?

Our innovative hollow-core design requires zero harmful fibreglass. And all paulownia wood is sustainably sourced from right here in Spain.

Get acquainted with our revolutionary approach to shaping and explore our low-impact production process today.

Tablas de surf de paulownia sin fibra de vidrio


Our wooden surfboards are built to be beautiful and aesthetically unique, but they’re made to be ridden. From weekend warriors to travelling pros, everyone can enjoy our timber surfboards. Here are a few ambassadors who share the Kun_tiqi philosophy.


“This beautiful handcraft makes people talk; it is a good occasion to chat about fair-trade and ecology, about the surf in another way than competition and about surfboards that fits to the guy and not just force people to fit in the surf industry.”

Anglet/ France


«The 6´6 Single fin is perfect for these kind of conditions: hollow, powerful waves and strong offshore wind!»

Guethary/ France


My experience with Kun_tiqi surfboards is a fantastic one. I like to ride on surfboards made with natural materials. And these boards are made entirely of wood, totally ecological and sustainable. I have very good experiences with my Noserider 9’4”. I love it, it’s a really fun board, it’s a “walking and dancing machine”. Those boards are very durable, they are fast and if you paddle in very windy conditions, you don’t’ get blown out of the wave. And of course, it’s a kind of art, every board is unique… and I like them, yes, I like them!


Want to order a fibreglass-free hollow wooden surfboard or learn more about us? We’re here to help. Get in touch by filling out the contact form below. Alternatively, you can phone us directly on the number provided.

Bo. Cardosa, 11, 39160 Loredo, Cantabria, Spain
Tel: +34 622 420 641

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