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“My experience with Kun_tiqi surfboards is a fantastic one. I like to ride on surfboards made with natural materials. And these boards are made entirely of wood, totally ecological and sustainable. I have very good experiences with my Noserider 9’4”. I love it, it’s a really fun board, it’s a “walking and dancing machine”. Those boards are very durable, they are fast and if you paddle in very windy conditions, you don’t’ get blown out of the wave. And of course, it’s a kind of art, every board is unique… and I like them, yes, I like them…

I choose my Noserider because of its shape, it is very stable when you walk towards the nose and the manoeuvrability is also good. I was thinking for a long time of surfing on boards that do not pollute our environment and that’s why I love Kun_tiqi surfboards made of wood.

Many people know that the oceans are polluted, but they are not aware that they are full of rubbish. I collect waste from beaches, especially plastic. I recycle it and create maritime art to rise awareness about the amount of rubbish that floats in our oceans. Especially plastic persist in the sea for many decades and is degraded to micro plastic that stays forever. A huge part of the stomachs of the whales is full of plastic and it is a fact that should alarm us… yes, I develop my art so that people are aware of it.”