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Balsa Holz Surfboards by Kun_Tiqi

Wooden Surfboards

As a result of our experience, continued testing, and development of our wooden surfboard shapes, we are able offer you a wide range of approved surfboard designs.

Our collection ranges from high performance shortboards and Retro Fish Boards to Classic Noserider Longboards.

We also build Custom Made Surfboards on demand to your exact specifications.

Kun_tiqi surfboards are exclusively handcrafted. The manufacturing process of our wooden surfboards takes up to 60 working hours. The use of fast growing balsa wood and eco epoxy makes our surfboards eco friendly and, taking care of it, you will surf it for a lifetime.

Every Kun_tiqi Balsa wood Surfboard is unique. The grain, colour and patterns vary from board to board and are different from the fotos on our web.

By using renewable and biodegradable material Kun_tiqi helps to reduce the pollution of the ocean- the place we surfers love so much.